Prize giving

South Coast Academy held their year end prize giving ceremony on 23/10/2015.

The schools award winning choir entertained parents, staff and students alike.  

Principal Eton Hess was well pleased with the high results throughout all grades.  This has been achieved by acknowledging and growing from past mistakes, as well as having a dedicated staff supporting the student body. This was evident in Solomzi Gxotelwa’s achievements. Not only was he announced as the Dux learner of 2015 but he was also invited to accept a bursary from Old Mutual. It is a tremendous honour for a small school such as South Coast Academy to present into the community an outstanding character such as Solomzi.  The walls could not contain the eruption of applause as Solomzi collected 7 trophies. Congratulations to Solomzi and his supportive family, may he achieve all his goals.

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