• The purpose of this policy document is to promote and to facilitate the admission of learners to our school.  Right of admission is reserved.



  • The fundamental principle of admission to basic education to all is guaranteed by the Constitution. Every child has the right to access to basic education and the right to equal admission to all to educational institutions as determined by the Constitution, Educational Law and the South African Schools Act. No learner may be turned away or refused admission to a school on the basis of race, gender, sex, ethnic or social origin, religion, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, conscience, belief and culture.



3.1 Admission requirements for our schools shall not unfairly discriminate on grounds of race, gender, sex, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture or language.

 3.2 An application for the admission of a learner shall be made to the principal of our school.

3.3 If the principal refuses an application under subsection (3) of the Schools Act, we shall inform the parent of the learner in writing. Right of admission reserved. Reasons for admission / non-admission at the school and a reason need not be made known, this is at the discretion the Management team. A letter of acceptance/decline is sent to successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Please note that we do not take NEW Gr. 12 learners, Home Schooled learners or learners from study centres.



All documents including ID, birth certificate, transfer card, reports, proof of residence and income (bank statement if self employed) must carefully be checked and verified before an admission is carried out. It should also be asked if the learner has been suspended from his or her previous school.

An ID document or birth certificate or a study permit for non-residents must be shown to determine the age of the learner. Learners who can’t furnish an identity document must present the necessary documentation before the end of the first term to allow the parent to obtain the necessary documentation from the Department of Internal Affairs.



5.1  When the parent of a learner lodges an application for admission to our school and such learner is three or more years older than the average for the particular grade group, the headmaster andmanagement team will decide if the learner should be admitted to the grade group application was made for.
5.2    A learner must be admitted to grade 1 if he or she turns seven in the   course of that calendar year.  A learner must turn 7 the year he does Gr 1.
5.3    The age requirements for learners with special education needs who are able to be admitted to attend ordinary schools are the same as for other learners, although we are not a special needs institution.



  • School fees are compulsory and the Owner determines the amount of school fees raised for a year.  South Coast Academy is an independent institution (Private) with an annual budget dependent upon school fees for operating expenses.
  • Attendance at a private school is a privilege and a commitment that involves expense. 
  • Parents who thus enrol their children in our school are liable for the payment of the school fees.
  • Failure to pay school fees could result in termination of classes or even examinations.
  • Report cards and all relevant information can be withheld if school fees are not paid.
  • School fees are payable in full at the beginning of the year before 15 January or a payment structure of 11 months, which is due before the 15th of each month.  
  • In accordance with the SA School Act 84 of 1996, it is a legal requirement of parents/guardians to pay school fees that have been set out and agreed upon by the Governing Body. School fees are due and payable on the first day of school, however the governing body will allow payments in instalments on a debit order system to parents. The payment method chosen has to be adhered to by the parent and if deviated will result in the re-negotiation of contracts. 


Grade 1 learners are admitted the year they turn 7, no underage applications will be accepted. 
Grade 1 – 4 English Home Language, Afrikaans FAL OR IsiZulu FAL
Gr 5 – 7 English Home Language and Afrikaans FAL only
Grade 8 – 12 English Home Language, Afrikaans FAL OR IsiZulu FAL
(Subjects package form to be completed and signed for Gr 10 – 12, subjects offered C.A.T, Life Science, Physical sciences, Tourism, Business Studies.)
All forms and documents may be returned to the school via e-mail.


All new applications forms must be accompanied by the following (no application will be assessed without these documents):


  • R400 Application fee – NON REFUNDABLE
  • Application form (Contract)
  • Conduct report from current school
  • Latest report from 2021 - YEAR END report to be supplied end 2021 (without this the application is not valid and could be cancelled)
  • PROVISIONAL TRANSFER CARD when applying and FINAL TRANSFER CARD – at the end of year
  • Child’s UNABRIDGED birth certificate
  • ID of all parents or guardians included on the application form
  • Proof of income (payslip or bank statement) – ACCOUNT PAYER
  • Proof of residence – ACCOUNT PAYER
  • Clinic card (Gr R - 7 only)
  • Medical aid card (if available) – in case of an emergency
  • Each application will be evaluated individually – RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED
  • All trust fund applications must supply the school with all the contact details of the Trust fund as well as proof that there is a trust fund available for the student.



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